Our store and catering services adhere fully to the current hygiene and contact tracing practices being utilized to fight against COVID-19.

Please let us know your name and contact number when your ordering.


Please see the link 


Please let us know whether you wish to 'pick up' or have you ordered 'deliver' .


CALL to 09-486-0323

TEXT to 021-263-6012



go to our order page                                                       jump to Tomonoura@swiftly.com




*Pick Up

  Please let us know the time you will be coming to get your order, your name and contact number.


*Delivery conditions:

 we can deliver between PM 2:00 - PM 3:30 as long as your order is placed on hour in advance.

 Orders within 5km wil cost $5.00 for delivery whereas any order over 5km will cost a $12 delivery fee up to 10km within our store(apologies to anyone wishing for a delivery further than that).

 Minimum orders must be at least $35.00 excluding delivery fee.


 For the safety of our customers and staff and while adhering to COVID-19 guidelines we requied contactless payment at this point in time.

 +Call/text order and Pay wave (with mobile eftpos upon pick up or delivery, major credit cards are accepted).

 +Call/text order and Transfer to our ANZ account (from ANZ account) with your name & contact number.

 +Call/text order and Transfer to our ANZ account from other banks AND TEXT the screenshot of your payment       with your name.



 Our Bank account details:





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Tomo no Ura (鞆の浦)

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